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Providing attractive, innovative and high quality packaging solutions, ideal for the continuous and active promotion of their content. Packaging that adds value to the final product.



Remaining one of the leading innovative packaging companies, creating new trends in the design field of plastic packaging industry.




Our values are concluded in the following basic points:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of major significance. Gaining a direct or indirect positive feedback from our customers, keeps us motivated to continue operating through the same principles.



The quality of the final product is a value of strategic importance. As the market, with the existing conditions, tends towards lower quality packaging solutions, our goal, not to make any deduction in the final product’s quality, is strengthened, considering the fact that the economic cost of a higher quality packaging is clearly lower than the added perceived value of its content.


Family Based Management

Our company’s development and growth is based on family business operating principles. This strategic advantage makes our operations more flexible, invulnerable to external influences and highly focused on the successful completion of the company’s goals.


Attention to the clients’ problems

We work with our customers to overcome every packaging problem they may be facing or which may occur during the packaging design process. We own the experience to provide useful information, even for matters which are not directly associated with thermoforming. (e.g. seal film machines & materials, plastic fold boxes, etc.)


Safe and satisfying work conditions for employees

Our company applies all the standards that concern safe and healthy employee work conditions, wide work space, health and safety rights and in general all the privileges the associated laws demand.


Protection of the environment

We have taken a number of actions towards more environmental friendly operations and production procedures. We keep discovering and thus following new ways that minimize the environmental impact our production processes have.



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