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One of our competitive advantages, as is also recognized by our customers, is the ability we have, to build quickly and accurately, always in collaboration with the client, the packaging which will fulfill all potential needs and requirements.



In the case that the customer has thought specifically the ideal packaging or even in the case that we are asked to provide solutions and alternatives, we recommend the most appropriate packaging, based on our experience. When a common acceptable solution is reached, samples in various thicknesses are constructed, in order to be tested by the customer, in five working days. After deciding the thickness of the product and its suitability in terms of dimensions and further characteristics (type of plastic, color, etc.) moulds and products are manufactured in fifteen working days from the order.


A prerequisite for the proper planning and development of a new packaging is the collaborative work of the customer with one of our representatives to finalize the features of the new packaging.


Through the only customer commitment to be a part of the moulds cost, and the agreed minimum quantities per order , the customer creates the perfect packaging for its product, pioneers in the specific market segment and acquires a mould for exclusive use. 



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