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Corporate Identity

Our company started its activities in the packaging sector since 1972, being a mould workshop for thermoforming machines.

In 1986 the activities of our company expanded, through the acquisition of machinery capable for the production of plastic materials.

The ongoing and successful combination of the following elements constitute a guarantee to satisfy all customer needs:

  • Design flexibility
  • Prompt and efficient customer service
  • Focus on high quality production.
  • Continuous research and development through the acquisition of new high technology equipment

Our long presence in the areas of design and development of new packaging as well as in the production of these is the basis on which is founded a final product of high quality.

Advantages in every step of the process



We create packages in collaboration with you. The design is done from the beginning in collaboration with you and continuous interaction so that we reach the ideal result as soon as possible.



Construction of molds inside our facilities. We have the knowledge and experience to manufacture within our facilities the high quality & precision molds needed for the production of your products, thus achieving the lowest possible cost.



Immediate production, high quality. By investing in the market of sufficient quantities of raw material, we ensure its availability in almost every demand, immediately & without any discount on quality.



Philosophy of flexible production. Our company is based on the philosophy of flexible production at all levels, guided by market demands for low production volumes with frequent recurring orders.



Closing the open circles. With frequent communication with suppliers and partners for the recycling of plastics, a continuous effort is made to close the open circles of the economy in terms of packaging materials. We are able to incorporate upon request the maximum percentage of recycled material in our raw materials, maintaining their specifications in terms of suitability and mechanical properties, but also the possibility of recycling.


Providing attractive, innovative and high quality packaging solutions, ideal for the continuous and active promotion of their content. Packaging that adds value to the final product


Remaining one of the leading innovative packaging companies, creating new trends in the design field of plastic packaging industry.


The quality of the final product is a value of strategic importance. As the market, with the existing conditions, tends towards lower quality packaging solutions, our goal, not to make any deduction in the final product’s quality, is strengthened, considering the fact that the economic cost of a higher quality packaging is clearly lower than the added perceived value of its content.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of major significance. Gaining a direct or indirect positive feedback from our customers, keeps us motivated to continue operating through the same principles.

Family Based Management

Our company’s development and growth is based on family business operating principles. This strategic advantage makes our operations more flexible, invulnerable to external influences and highly focused on the successful completion of the company’s goals.

Attention to the clients’ problems

We work with our customers to overcome every packaging problem they may be facing or which may occur during the packaging design process. We own the experience to provide useful information, even for matters which are not directly associated with thermoforming. (e.g. seal film machines & materials, plastic fold boxes, etc.)

Safe and satisfying work conditions for employees

Our company applies all the standards that concern safe and healthy employee work conditions, wide work space, health and safety rights and in general all the privileges the associated laws demand.

Protection of the environment

We have taken a number of actions towards more environmental friendly operations and production procedures. We keep discovering and thus following new ways that minimize the environmental impact our production processes have.

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