Realizing the need for actions to be made regarding the environment, we researched about possible environmentally friendly steps we could make to minimize our impact and carbon footprint. So we took a number of actions in order to achieve this:

Raw material minimization

We managed to minimize the needed film thickness for any given thermoforming application, by analyzing and optimizing -with the appropriate assisting tools- the thickness distribution along the thermoformed object. In addition, the design of each application is carefully done in order to keep the balance between stability, rigidity, safety and presentability.

Discover eco-friendly raw materials supply

Since 2010 we reached out and found supply of PLA (Polylactic Acid), a type of plastic derived from renewable resources, with properties very similar to the well-known PET. Even though the current price is higher than the “classic” plastics, we have hopes for a change in the market in the future, as fossil fuels get more and more expensive and alternatives cheaper and cheaper. We have tested this material and have the know-how to handle it in a possible change in the future.

Replace high energy consuming devices with lower consumption ones

We have replaced all our lighting devises with low consumption ones, and most of the equipment that is constantly working (like air compressors, inverters, etc.) with newer and lower energy demanding models.

Safely dispose ecologically sensitive materials

We are always disposing ecologically sensitive materials like electronics, batteries, oils and greases to the appropriate organizations / dumpsters in order to be handled in a correct way.

Recycle and reuse all of our scrap materials that is left from the production

The scrap material(skeleton) that is left from the production is stored and daily collected from professionals in the plastic recycling sector and turned again into thermoplastics (e.g. R-PET). We are currently using R-PET in a number of non-food contact applications like trays, stands etc. 

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