Frequently Asked Questions

Are your containers microwave or oven safe?

Our containers are not oven safe. Regarding the microwave heating, a specific type of plastic is required, information for which we can provide through our contact page. In general –except the cases where noted- the codes we include in our webpage and on our catalogues are not microwave safe.

How do your containers close?

Our containers haev a very simple yet effective closure design. They mostly have a "groove" around the perimeter of the container, which needs to be pushed gently on each corner. For example, the containers with four corners can be simply and quickly closed by pressing the two back corners of the container simultaneously using your two hands, and then do the same for the two corners on the front.

On the “Containers with Separate Lids” category, the pieces per carton field reads 200+200pcs. What does this mean exactly?

This means that the code consists of two cartons, one with 200pcs for the base part and one with 200pcs for the lid.

Can I purchase fewer pieces that the pieces included in one carton box?

The ISO quality system dictates that the carton box cannot be opened by anyone other than the final consumer. Therefore, the minimum order quantity of each code is the quantity contained in one carton box.

Can I return a carton box?

The conditions and policy of returns are mentioned extensively on Return Policy section.

What is the highest usage temperature for your containers made of APET?

Based on studies and chemical tests, the Amorphous Polyethylene Terephalate (APET) plastic can receive contents of temperature up to 60°C. However, it is generally recommended to be used to contain products of room temperature (≈20°C).

Are your products available in colored plastics?

We are capable to produce products of the colour of your choice, provided that the order is equal or larger than the minimum order quantity for the specific type of plastic. In any case, the M.O.Q’s and the available colours are defined with the appropriate invoice.

How leakage proof and how air-tight are your containers?

Our containers offer a satisfying closure that takes place throughout their perimeter. They protect their contents from high humidity and strong odors. However, taking into consideration that the closure is not done by sealing, our containers are not air-tight. For an air-tight closure, you can purchase containers with separate lids and apply seal film on the base part (with the appropriate sealing machine).

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