The Process

The process through which all of our customers have reached to the ideal solution for the packaging of their products is as follows:

We arrange an appointment, either at our facilities or at your office, with one of our representatives in order to choose collaborative, through our variety a code, which suits your needs. At the same time, based on our experience, we recommend other codes that our customers use to pack similar items with yours.

Once we end up at one or more codes, we send you free samples to try your product on the shelves of the super market, or in refrigerators, to get a more complete picture before putting a final order.

Our range consists of hundreds of codes. Nevertheless if you do not find a proper design for your product, we have the possibility of designing and constructing a new code based specially on your demands.In this case, in collaboration with the design department of our company, we fabricate sample units from the newly designed box or container you want for your product, in order to be tested and if you find the packaging functional and appropriate, we proceed in constructing the final mould.

As the moulds are manufactured in our company, the construction cost becomes the lowest possible. Through your only commitment to be the agreed minimum quantities per order, you adjust an ideal packaging on your product and pioneer in your market sector. The details of each case (construction costs, minimum quantities, times and terms of delivery etc.) are finalized through a financial offer we send you.

In each case we are capable to meet your requirements and we will be glad to cooperate with you.

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